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April 16, 2016

Register Now for the Next Two Conferences!

We have just posted information for our next two conferences – AM-Nat Biology to be held on November 19th of this year, and AM-Nat Business & Technology which will be held on February 25th of next year. We are currently running an early-bird special for conference registration. Find out more and register now! Continue Reading

Design Triangulation Presentation Video Now Available

One of the most talked about presentations at the 2016 Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism conference was Paul Nelson’s presentation on Design Triangulation.  Design Triangulation is a mode of reasoning that draws inferences from system-level necessities.  In this video, Paul Nelson describes how design triangulation works, how it has been used historically in biology, and why… Continue Reading

Conference Speakers

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Philipp Bagus

Sam S. Rakover

Arminius Mignea

Tom Gilson

Eric Holloway

Salvador Cordova

Jonathan Bartlett

Jim Johansen


This conference is funded by a generous grant from the Center for Evolutionary Informatics (CEI).

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