Call for Abstracts

The Call For Abstracts is Now Closed

NOTE – authors are encouraged but not required to be familiar with the material listed in the background reading section.

Abstracts for the conference are due by March 15th. Abstracts should be 100-500 words covering the basic outline for the talk and essential conclusions. Abstracts may include references, if appropriate. Names and affiliations of all contributors should be listed. Abstracts should be sent to with subject “Naturalism 2016 Abstract Submission”.

All abstracts will be reviewed by the conference committee for appropriateness, suitability, and merit. Authors will be informed when their abstract has been reviewed as to its acceptance status. The conference committee may request or suggest revisions of abstracts. Changes and/or responses to requests from the conference committee should be prompt (within 3 days) to facilitate a smooth conference. Unresponsive authors may be removed from the conference, upon a decision from the conference committee.

All conference authors and presenters are required to attend the conference. If there are special circumstances, special requests can be made to the organizing committee for consideration. However, the goal for the conference is to present and receive and respond to feedback received during the presentation.

All conference authors and presenters certify that the work is their own, that they have sufficient permission from their institutions to present their work, and that they grant The Blyth Institute has unlimited rights to make use of their abstracts, presentations, and papers for its own purposes as it sees fit.

All accepted abstracts will be given a time at the conference to speak. If an abundance of abstracts are received, the conference committee may decide to extend the conference to the 15th or 17th, or have multiple speakers in the same time slot. The default amount of time for a presentation is 20 minutes. If you require more time, please inform the conference committee so arrangements can be made.

After the conference, all conference presenters will be offered a chance to submit a full paper for publication for a special-issue of an appropriate journal or for a print volume. Presentation at the conference does not guarantee inclusion in the publication. All submitted papers will undergo a peer review process for referreeing and quality control. As an author, you may also be asked to be a reviewer. Papers will be due May 16th (NOTE – this has been updated – was May 2nd) to allow for revision based on feedback from the conference. If you require an extension, please email the conference committee for consideration.

Please send any questions to with the subject “Abstract Questions”.

Conference Speakers

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Philipp Bagus

Sam S. Rakover

Arminius Mignea

Tom Gilson

Eric Holloway

Salvador Cordova

Jonathan Bartlett

Jim Johansen


This conference is funded by a generous grant from the Center for Evolutionary Informatics (CEI).

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