This conference will be held exclusively online.  While subject to change, we are anticipating using join.me for the conference.  This will allow us to have significant interaction among participants, record the presentations, and be available on a wide variety of devices.  Using join.me will also allow ustelephone call-in numbers (including international numbers) for those who want to listen but do not have sufficient Internet connections for online conferencing.

A chat session will also be available during the conference to allow a free flow of conversation during the event.

Conference presentations will be recorded and made available for sale after the conference.

Conference Speakers

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Philipp Bagus

Sam S. Rakover

Arminius Mignea

Tom Gilson

Eric Holloway

Salvador Cordova

Jonathan Bartlett

Jim Johansen


This conference is funded by a generous grant from the Center for Evolutionary Informatics (CEI).

For more information, please e-mail us at: info@blythinstitute.org