List of Talks for the AM-Nat Biology Conference

Plans for the conference are coming along quickly. The conference is on February 25th, less than three weeks away! Enclosed is a list of topics that have been submitted for the conference. More details coming in the following weeks.

  • Measuring Active Information in Biological Systems
  • Evolutionary Teleonomy as a Unifying Principle for the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis
  • Adequately Explaining the Use and Effect of Use of Methodological Naturalism In Origins and Behavioral Sciences
  • Alus as EPROM/RAM and LINE-1’s as means for Self Modifying DNA
  • Intelligently Designed “Errors”, Self-Destructive Designs, Rube Goldberg Machines
  • 82.5 Megabytes Does not a Human Make, 3D Biological Photocopiers, Other Mechanisms of Non-DNA Inheritance
  • How Theistic Evolutionists can Defend Evolutionary Theory while Fostering Rich Dialog
  • Discontinuity Systematics for Angiosperms
  • Expected CSI
  • Exploring Design in the Standard Codon Table Utilizing Scientific and Theological Method
  • Time as Villain; Teleology as Hero
  • Extremely Difficult Engineering Problems are Brilliantly Solved in Living Organisms
  • How Pervasive Are Taxonomically-Restricted Essential Genes?
  • Reconceptualizing the Mind-Body Problem
  • Discontinuity Systematics compared with Baraminology
  • Message Theory and the ID movement
  • Biological Codes from an Information Processing Point of View.
  • The Unnatural Protein Infrastructure Required by Organisms

You can register for the conference here.

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