Register for an AM-Nat Conference

We have two specialized upcoming AM-Nat (Alternatives to Methodological Naturalism) conferences coming up! Our initial conference had such a great response that we decided to host two conferences with narrower topics focused on specific application fields that were important to AM-Nat attendees: biology and business/technology.

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Note that conference registration includes free access to the conference videos immediately following the conference.

The AM-Nat Biology Conference (February 25, 2017)

The AM-Nat biology conference will focus on how alternatives to methodological naturalism can aid in biology research. Because of the teleological nature of biology itself, biology is ripe for new understandings outside of the framework of methodological naturalism. The conference will be held on February 25, 2017.

Registration for the AM-Nat Biology Conference is now closed. If you would like access to the conference, please email

Abstract submissions are closed. You can see the list of abstracts for this conference here.

The conference starts at 9AM Central Time and lasts all day (talks run until 4:45, and then there is an open-ended discussion).

The conference uses for online conferencing. However, to attend, you only need your web browser or a phone.

The AM-Nat Business and Technology Conference (Fall, 2017)

Many attendees were surprised at the number of applications of alternatives to methodological naturalism in business, technology, and economics. Therefore, we decided to have a whole conference dedicated to the subject! AM-Nat Business and Technology will focus on how alternatives to methodological naturalism can open up new avenues of investigation and investing in technology to power the 21st century and beyond. The conference will be held on a date to be determined in the Fall of 2017.